Probabilmente dobbiamo ammetterlo anche noi: oggi ilconcetto di “virtù”

non gode di grande fortuna e non riscuote molte simpatie. Sembra osti-
natamente richiamare in vita un quadro concettuale e un lessico ormai in-

More less thirty years passed from
when Kary B. Mullis had just ended a reaction of polymerization
chain, briefly PCR that is Polymerase Chain Reaction. An effective
and fast way, now completely automated and inexpensive, to obtain
milliard of faithful copies of any fragment of dna, over a few
hours. That fragment could, for example, be a rare gene, or a part
of that, to recombine then with another fragment or gene. Mullis
devised this great little prodigy a friday night in 1983, while...

Abitare con stile

abitare con stile.jpg

Special services,


dedicated to Business,

Tourism, Art,

Wellness, Style, Fashion,

Design and Food

Special collaboration in the world of classical music, text production for biography of  tenor

Giuseppe di Stefano

and exhibition at Villa Monastero / Lake Como

Living has always been an ancient need to hunt, fishing, cultivating and exploring. After the search for the food comes the search for an home. At some point, man, dissatisfied with the shelters offered by nature, has become architect. Space, light, order...

22-25 STILE-1.jpg

Italy is t h e m o s t a p p r e cia t e d n a tio n in t h e w o rld f o r b e a u t y, r e fin e m e n t, c r a f t s m a n s hip, a t t e n tio n t o d e t ail a n d c r e a tivit y w hic h a r e dis tin c tiv e a n d dis tin c tiv e ele m e n t s a n d a v e r y im p o r t a n t s o u r c e o f w e alt h f o r o u r c o u n t r y. Th e e x p r e s sio n a n d t h e r e s ult o f a c ult u r al h e rit a g e, a r tis tic a n d his t o ric al h e rit a g e t h a t a r e f o r s a n d m o s t o f t h e o t h e r c o u n t rie s, w e, w e a r e a ble t o c o m bin e wit h e a c h o t h e r a n d in t e g r a t e t r a ditio n a n d in n o v a tio n , a n d t o t ell.

36-39 timelli IDEOLOGIA-1.jpg

Lot of people are talking about that,  but still few have understood what really Expo is, the event that, by next May for six months in Milan, will attract millions of visitors making  possible for companies and innovators of the agri-food sector , but not only, to show to the public what will be the future of food...

timelli BIONDO-1.jpg

When you approach the wonder of the temptation of being kidnapped to be swallowed up is irresistible. Even today, in an era of continuous innovation, made in Italy able to assert itself in the world for its ability ...

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